Digital disruption

Jupiter digital

Jupiter Capital invests in disruptive companies that transform the world’s economy. This propels the growth of disruptive technology companies in both developed and emerging markets. With our portfolio companies, we aim to steer the next big wave in the technological landscape.

Our investment strategy

Mid-market control buyouts

We invest in companies with a strong product and/or a unique market positioning. We also support operational optimization and strategic repositioning as required by our portfolio companies.

Growth capital

We acquire a minority stake in high-growth companies that have a track record of producing disruptive products or operating on unique business models in large markets.

Cross-platform investments

We identify opportunities for cross-investments and synergies among our portfolio companies in the technology space.

Tactical investments

We recognize creative restructuring opportunities in the technological sector to help companies scale up rapidly.

Our sector focus

Media tech

Green tech



Wellness tech


Home automation tech